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Exploring the Rich Heritage of Puerto Rican Coffee: Expertise and Pride in Every Cup

At Al Costa Cafe and Lounge, we don't just serve coffee - we practically have a PhD in Coffeeology! Our baristas are like coffee wizards, sprinkling espresso magic and frothy goodness into every cup while screaming, Wepa!!!.

We take our coffee seriously. We grind the beans at the perfect size, select only the finest beans from Puerto Rico (because let's be real, Italians secretly prefer Puertorican coffee - it's just a fact). Our cafe isn't just about serving coffee; it's about serving our culture in a cup.

While some places rely on fancy dialing programs to make their brews, we believe in good ol' fashioned expertise and passion. Because when you're sipping on a cup at la Costa Cafe and Lounge, you're not just getting caffeine – you're getting a taste of perfection brewed with love.

When I'm out and about, miles away from my beloved La Costa Cafe and Lounge, and the caffeine cravings kick in, I turn into a coffee detective. I'll saunter into any non-Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts joint (because let's be honest, that's not coffee) and order a doppio or a single shot of espresso. Then comes the judgement hour - if that espresso is served in less than 28 seconds, oh boy! I know it's going to taste like dishwater masquerading as coffee!

In my search, I critically evaluated flavor, thickness, and crema. Theoretically, a 'decent' espresso shot should maintain equilibrium, possess a base that's either chocolatey or nutty, and conclude with a smooth finish. If these essential characteristics are absent in the coffee I taste or observe, it's an immediate red flag for me to pack up and leave.

Let’s be honest. You stroll into a café, dreaming of a simple cup of joe, and what do you see? A sea of sugary syrups ready to ambush your innocent coffee. Coffee's supposed to be your fun-loving, hunger-busting buddy that gives you the energy boost without the calorie catastrophe. But alas! It seems like every joint in town has turned our beloved brew into a sugary swamp monster with enough calories to feed an elephant. They've taken our humble coffee and turned it into liquid candy floss. Oh, the humanity!

Just a while back, I sauntered into a café and ordered a doppio. The barista gave me this 'you-from-Mars?' look. Then my eyes landed on their menu - Cubano con Leche...I mean, come on! A Cubano without leche is like Batman without his Batmobile! lol

The pride we take in our coffee at La Costa is simply breathtaking. Every step of the process, from cultivation to serving, is passionately handled by Puerto Ricans. We leave nothing to chance! Even when a non-Puerto Rican joins our team, we ensure they are meticulously trained to brew coffee with the same Puerto Rican spirit. What sets us apart from the crowd is our unshakeable authenticity, tantalizing flavor, irresistible charisma and rich culture. It's an awe-inspiring testament to who we are and what we stand for!

The dedication and commitment by La Costa in upholding our authentic Puerto Rican spirit in every aspect of coffee production is truly remarkable and sets us apart as a beacon of rich culture and tantalizing flavor.

So come on over to Al Costa Cafe and Lounge, where every sip is like a little piece of caffeinated heaven. Who needs wings when you have our Puertorican coffee to lift your spirits?

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